Don’t Change Your Smile

smileSometimes the world can be overwhelming with tears, fears and frustrations.  War, controversy, politics, violence, injustice and natural disasters all happening simultaneously.

Consuming so much negativity is detrimental to our minds, bodies and relationships with each other.  The terror of all that is bad can be paralyzing, and yet in the time spent worrying we miss so many opportunities to smile, appreciate the positive and truly live.

It is a difficult balance to not be apathetic about problems, while not allowing the problems to consume us.  How can we work to improve the world without the circumstances of the world delivering us to a rotten place?

It starts with keeping a smile.



6 comments on “Don’t Change Your Smile

  1. YES!!! Greeting people with a smile not a scowl makes all the difference. It’s amazing how many positive experiences you can have in one day when you just smile at people in stores or on the street. it says….. I am just like you and I get it!

  2. I’m visiting because of Lisha’s Super Sweet Blogger Award. I have enjoyed reading your post. I peeked at your “about” as well.

    Smiles do make a difference! Aren’t we glad of that!

    Enjoyed my visit! Thanks, Jenn

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