I am aware that I have become a person who thinks, believes and acts in the way that I do in relation to the people, places and experiences that I encountered in my lifetime. The way that I am is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong – and the things that I have been through are not all positive or negative experiences. All of it chalks up to lessons that I am continuing to learn to be aware of. The purpose of this blog is an opportunity for me to reflect on the people, places and experiences that have inspired the way I am living.

There are moments that we can all look back on as turning points in our lives.  Important experiences that help to define the way we think or how we see a picture.  This idea is intriguing to me when I meet people and think about what they have been through in their lives and how it has shaped their way of behaving, their way of responding and what values are important to them.

I can look back in my own life and think of clear moments that taught me who to trust, when to react, how to communicate most effectively and when to defy authority.  I know there are major events that had big impacts and there are small events with similar effects.  I know some experiences supported thinking I had already developed and some experiences challenged previous learning and made me reevaluate what I know for certain.

I am learning to appreciate all experiences, the not so positive ones too, as helping me to grow.

Places can be inspirational whether familiar like your own home, place of employment or favorite places to frequent.  Places can also provide inspiration when they are unknown, uninviting or uncomfortable.  I love to travel and I also like to apprecaite my local surroundings for inspiration too.

Sometimes individuals enter your life who serve a purpose, some people you meet and they instantly assist you to view a problem differently whereas some people may challenge your beliefs and frustrate you to the core.  It fascinates me to reflect back on the individuals who I have met, how they have influenced me and what purpose my relationship with them has for me. I believe everyone I have encountered has impacted me in some way or another.

It is hard to appreciate the small moments, the daily occurances and the events that seem dull.  I am making an effort to find inspiration in the ordinary, to slow down and take notice.


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  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Just read your post about saying goodbye to the good ole pacifier and potty training. Pacifier has been gone for over a year but the potty training …..oh the potty training. Will stop by again to get to know you better. Happy Reading!

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