Preserving Memories


Does the idea of having a memory book or blog appeal to you, and you don’t have the time or skill to create what you had in mind. It may be time to hire some help. As a writer, photographer and blogger I can document your personal, professional and family moments. I also provide coaching for how to create and update personal blogs if you should prefer learning to do it on your own.

soccer1Utilize this service for:
– Baby’s first year of life
– Renovating a new home
– Child or family year by year
– Business before and after services
– Children’s sport teams
– Capturing life’s memories from parents/grandparents

Purchasing documentation sessions can be customized to your needs.  A one time tutorial with lessons  on how to maintain your own blog, a contract by time span or a specific number of sessions depending on the purpose of your project.

soccer2If you live in the Kansas City or surrounding areas and are interested in preserving memories on a blog and/or with a memory book please contact me.


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