I hate you… Don’t leave me.



I wanted to add to a post I wrote a while back about Borderline Personality Disorder.  Individuals suffering from this disorder experience the inability to regulate emotions, sometimes engage in impulsive and dangerous activities and often have extremely troubled relationships.  BPD can be a result from a combination of both biological and environmental factors.  There is treatment proven to be effective in improving the quality of life for those suffering and reducing or eliminating symptoms of the disorder.

For my original post about BPD please click here.

This video “Back From the Edge” is the purpose to add to my original post.  You can hear first hand experience from 3 different individuals who have been diagnosed and participated in treatment.  There are also doctors and clinicians to give their perspective, facts and research about the disorder.  My title “I hate you… don’t leave me” came from the video as it explains the tumultuous relationships conflicting with the fear of being abandoned.  Marsha Linehan states the treatment, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, is the synthesis between the change which needs to happen with behavior and the acceptance for what situations present themselves.  This means individuals with BPD begin to learn how their perceptions, which dictate their emotions, may not necessarily be a reflection of reality (really, couldn’t nearly everyone in the world benefit from this?)  I thought it was valuable to view and worth sharing.


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